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vetro rotto ipad

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vetro rotto ipad

vetro rotto ipad

We have already spoken several times of the new operating system iOS 10 and its innovative features, but these days the developers are trying very thoroughly, and are finding other innovations that were initially did not come out. The news will keep on coming, in these days, and we have come together to make you understand better what you can expect in September on your iPhone and iPad.
App HomeKit

For those not understood, HomeKit will not be just a service, but an app of its own, from which you control the various compatible accessories. The app will be present on the iPhone, but the ‘control center’ that coordinates the house will be, at our option, an Apple TV or an iPad (which should always remain in the house, otherwise it makes no sense).

App you can insert scenes, or ‘collections’ of options that activate a certain way the accessories. If, for example, the scene ‘Day’ can turn on the TV, the bathroom light and the coffee machine, the scene ‘Night’ could switch off the lights in the house, just turn the room and turn off the thermostat.
Setting, then it is said to Siri ‘Activates Scene Night’. And everything will change, as if by magic.

Raw photos
Anyone involved in digital photography knows that the photos Raw are the ‘raw’ photo size, on which no software acted. In short, they are the colors and light as well as the camera sees them, and we can also change them completely after shooting, without the system we face losing important image information.

As you can imagine, iPhone and iPad will be able to take pictures Raw, but only the latest devices. It will then inngrado the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.
New features for AirPrint

For those who have an AirPrint-enabled printer, will come new features: in particular, it will be possible to virtually print the documents, in short, create PDF also from apps that do not support them (like Pixelmator).
You can print, with future printers, not only in Wi-Fi, but also taking advantage of the Bluetooth connection, and you can handle multiple print account, to know who printed what.

Draw on photos
Another interesting feature is that eventually (I long look, this feature) you can draw on the photos directly from the photo.
Editing an image, in short, they will also appear in the freehand drawing tools, geometrical shapes, our saved films, which can be quickly inserted into images without having to vetro rotto ipad use an external app.

The magnifying glass
Last option, useful for those who may need glasses and did not take them at that time, is vetro rotto ipad the magnifying glass.
Quite simply it is a new accessibility option, the third press the Home button, open the camera to a strong magnification. You pass on RIPARAZIONE IPAD ROMA a written maybe small and it reads, in seconds.

Convenient, no?
These new functions discoveries these days on the new operating system: What do you like best? Please let us know through the comments vetro rotto ipad !

vetro rotto ipad